My Credits

Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2019 Live Wires Theatre Group Charity Show RAMC Colonel, The Goal, Duped husband and funeral arranger Live Wires Theatre Group
2017 The Willows Victor Wade NE Films
2017 Verisimilitude Peter Callum Live Wires Theatre Company
2017 Equal Rites (Adapted from Terry Pratchett book of the same name) Drum Billet TJ Simon Productions
2017 Equal Rites (adapted from Terry Pratchett book of same name) Drum Billet Discworld Series
2017 Companion Tom Sam Gannie Productions
2016 Murphy John Dalton Live Wires Theatre Group
2016 Skim for England David Cockburn Master of None Productions
2016 Community Radio Patrick Oldman Silent George Productions
2016 Xenophobia Holmes New College, Durham
2016 The Last Thing We See Peter Northumbria University
2016 Nemesis Doctor Evans Cleveland College of Art and Design
2016 Brush Stroke Mr. Thomson (landlord) Cleveland College of Art and Design
2015 Raw Deals Henry Jenkins Live Wires
2015 Bad Blood Randall Infinity Films
2015 Benson Beds TV advert Old Sleeper The Gate Films
2015 The Man in the Box Wurm Evergreen Productions/Parkland Pictures
2015 Discharged Martin Northumbria University
2015 GP selection for Northern Deanery Ali Padgett Interact
2014 Temporal Old Jake Solarus Films
2014 Wolfblood, series 3 Alf BBC
2014 Saint George Brother Francis Bandstand Film
2014 Last Night I dreamt Somebody Loved Me Mr. Smith Daniel Allinson Productions
2014 G P selection for Northern Deanery Gene Brown Interact
2014 The Event Brian Osborne Films
2013 GP selection for Northen Deanery Max Grennan Interact
2013 The Hit Arthur Farnsworth PSR Productions
2013 MRCGP for CSA John Jones, Garry David and Martin Norman Positively Bright
2013 GP selection for Northern Deanery Joe Ellis and James Weston Interact Roleplay
2013 Valuable Derek Boxed In Films
2013 CSA for MRCGP Various Roles Positively Bright
2012 Lullaby Roger Soulstudio
2012 MRCGP CSA John Jones/Gary David/Michael Norman Positively Bright
2012 Spring Comedy Variety Show Prince Phillip and others Live Wires
2012 Espial Bob Team Alpha Wolf
2012 Moon Man Mr Baker Newcastle College
2012 Perspective Doctor Armstrong Northumbria Uni
2012 The Adventures of Stoke Mandeville The Colonel Mandeville Enterprises
2012 MRCGP Various Act Positive
2011 Making Gods Bleed Kalvin Kenilworth Canny Pictures
2011 Vlog Reverend Peter Dennis Matt Hopper Productions
2011 Echo Brian Broken Pictures
2011 TV Advert Grumpy Businessman East Coast Trains
2011 OSCE Jack Robson Roleplaynorth
2011 Seeing the Wood for the Trees Procurement Manager
2011 Mnemonic Old Isaac Tiny Hammer Productions
2011 Sim Dr. Willoughby Northumbria University
2011 CSA Various Act Positive
2011 Spring Show Various Live Wires
2010 Uninvited Bruce Witch Tree Films
2010 A Day to Remember Harry Westminster University
2010 M.I.5 William Moore Digital Stramash
2010 Medical Education George Parker Roleplaynorth
2010 Dead Frequency Father Matthews Solarus Films
2010 Medical Education Brian White Roleplaynorth
2010 ASPiH National Conference Dr. Brian Henshaw Roleplaynorth
2010 Sparky Sparky Gate 2 productions
2010 Never Too Old Bernard Johnson (grandad) Wooden Duck Productions
2010 Medical Education Various Act Positive
2010 Jasper Doctor James Shootgroup
2009 Community Christmas Show Various Live Wires
2009 Santa Claus on Holiday Santa Claus Ideal World TV
2009 The Ideal Family The Ideal Grandfather Ideal World TV
2009 Dissident Wire Phil Polygon Fiction Ltd
2009 The Beat that Skipped my Brain Dr. Padroia FNA Films
2009 Brassica Rapa That John Gray Ravensbourne College/Yellywood Films
2009 Perceptions Grandad Northumbria Uni
2009 Medical Education John Jones/Michael Norman/Gary David Act Positive
2009 What Would You Say? Mr Campbell Act Positive
2009 Grandpa's Magical Greenhouse Grandpa Northumbria University
2009 All-Nighter Professor Wilkins Napier College
2009 Pubs, Clubs and Crabs Mr. Robinson Sour Apple Productions
2008 Medical Education John Jones, Barry Oldman, Mike Norman Act Positive
2008 The Sad Bear George S.H.A.M. Films
2008 Government Information Film Mr Jenkins Speakeasy
2008 Medical Education David Ash Roleplaynorth
2008 Jade The Elderly Gentleman Third Films
2008 Ideal Family The Ideal Grandfather Ideal World TV
2008 Twilight on Eden Fell Stanley Poe Stratos Films
2008 Monday The Barman Steam the Turtle
2008 One More Day Grandad Deadmahn Wedo Filums
2008 Setanta TV Opener 2 Disillusioned Man Setanta TV
2007 The Duskwalker Chronicles - Beasts and Burdens Isaiah 'Zippy Rodent Media'
2007 Argos Christmas Advert Father Christmas Academy Films
2007 A Test of Faith John Samuel Eze as Pi Productions
2007 The Jealous Bride Captain Horatio Weckter Murder Mystery Meals Company
2007 Setanta TV Opener Nostalgia Man SETANTA TV
2007 Medical Education Norman Chrisp Roleplaynorth
2007 Barker and Stonehouse The Older Man Different
2007 A Risk Worth Taking Dr Andrews Gate Television Productions
2007 Loom Elder Atropos Dreadnought Productions
2007 Britain's Best The Interviewee Red Bee Media Ltd for UKTV History
2007 Glencoe Massacre John Campbell 1st Earl of Breadalbane BBC Television
2006 Texas Pipeline Explosion James Rowe Darlow Smithson
2006 Lottery Terry Camerashy Productions
2006 Shelter The Butcher Dojo Films
2006 Fatal Murder Donald Weaver Roadside Productions
2006 Bad Ass Cop Gareth Elementary Productions
2006 Nightshift Jim Out and Out Films
2006 Cambois Project (working title) Michael Longridge Studio Art Television
2006 The Longbottom Legacy Lord Longbottom (Lead) Fare Thee Well Films
2006 Dead Case Dr Vincent Carter Sunderland University
2006 Bill Argus the Guardian Angel (Lead Role) Sunderland Universty
2005 Monarch of the Glen Crofter throughout 7th series Ecosse Films
2005 Tyne Tees TV Mr Jenkins, Toothless Teacher (Main Role) Dene Pictures
2005 Gangman Narrator (275 line Voiceover) Far Atlantic Pictures
2005 Intuition Father O'Reilly Steven Sidhu Productions
2005 Vale Bridgecraft The Husband (Lead Role) ITV
2005 The Seminary Father Fitzsimons Bournemouth Media School
2005 Rebus Consultant Obstetrician SMG TV Productions
2005 Summer Solstice Mr Bruce Norton (Consultant Surgeon) Gate TV Productions Ltd
2005 Elizabeth Virgin Queen Bowman BBC Television
2005 Buy a Smile Henry Stoke-on-Trent University
2005 Dollars and Cents Mr Tex Stoke-on-Trent University
2005 Know-it-All Wiseman New York Film Academy
2005 55 Degrees North Angry Resident BBC Scotland
2004 Monarch of the Glen Amanda's Uncle Ecosse Films
2004 Adult Abuse 6 Mr. Hammond (Lead) Jacki Pritchard Productions Ltd
2004 Sea of Souls Sergeant Major (4 lines) BBC Scotland
2004 Cathedral (Charles 1st Documentary) 17th Century Constable (3 lines) BBC Television
2004 Northumberland National Park Shrek NNPA
2004 Northumberland National Park Yob NNPA
2004 Man to Man Mobster Skyline Films
2004 Man to Man Journalist Skyline Films
2004 Greyfriar's Bobby Soldier Piccadilly Pictures
2004 Missing Consultant paediatrician Scottish Television
2004 Missing Police Inspector Scottish Television