About me

I am a very reliable, retired medical doctor with good availability.

Can sit on a horse, car driver, cyclist, swimmer, have skied, done a bungee jump and tandem sky dive, golfer, competent country dancer

All-round sportsman, having played soccer, rugby, cricket, cross-country running, archery & bowls

Good physical fitness. Completed my 9thGreat North Run (a half marathon) in Sept 2005, Great Ireland Run in 2006,Computer literate (CLAIT, IBT11, ECDL, IBT111, Clait plus)

I have my own car, teeth, dinner suit, and full Highland dress

Ex Territorial Army

Enjoy the outdoors (National Park Voluntary Ranger), but can "scrub-up" to look smart

Due to being retired I am readily available, flexible and willing to travel.